Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mommy Moments

As I've read through many mommy blogs, several like to post pictures on Wednesday with no caption just a picture. They call it "Wordless Wednesdays." Well, knowing myself enough to know that I will forget to post every Wednesday or maybe it will be too stressful for my perfectionism to find the "perfect" picture that can remain wordless....I decided for my blog I would randomly post "Mommy Moments" as they happen.

That's right, you know what I'm talking about. Those days when things happen and you feel as though you are standing at the fork in the road.....your child has just done something that can send you down the road of screaming and fussing as you fix what they've just done or you can choose the road of picture taking and laughing (without them knowing if possible). With my precious Jack around I have these moments being use to them enables me to laugh most times while Chris struggles with his reactions.

I've decided to take both roads in the, I decided to take the picture/laughing road. I mean really, it was innocent and what a great alternative when you mommy keeps telling you that you can't play outside because you are sick. I'm just trying to be thankful that he is creative!
(Hint: the dirt in the dumptruck is from that sad looking plant I rarely water....actually Jack finally asked me last week if he could water the plant it was so sad looking!)
ENJOY your mommy moments, there will come a day when those precious little hands are grown and gone. (sniff, sniff)


  1. Oh Jack, You gotta love that boy! BTW, While I was putting away laundry this morning in Madison's room, I glanced up and did a double take.She had painted me a picture on her wall with my hot pink finger nail polish. At least it was dirt at your house. lol

  2. Girl, that is too funny! Isn't that crazy I posted this and you had your own story to share! I love it!! At least she has good taste in finger nail polish!! I think Jack and Madison could do some damage together lol

  3. I struggle with this all the time: knowing which fork to go down. My MOPS group has been studying Shepherding a Child's Heart which has been really awesome for me to step back and say, Okay, is this a matter of the heart or am I just upset I have a mess to clean up? Great stuff!


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