Monday, October 26, 2009

Finding Deals....Just a snapshot!

Okay, by special request from SEVERAL of you, I thought I'd just write out a few of my tips...feel free to add to the list or even ask questions...I posted this note to Facebook a while back so you may have already read this.

1. Where to find coupons?I usually buy at least 2 Sunday papers. Our Dollar Tree sells the Sunday paper for yes, $1! I use several Internet printables ( and I also LOVE to check out different blogs that cover the different sales and deals going on. My favorites are listed on the side of this blog. They usually link the Internet printable directly to the coupon needed. *** can print an Internet printable twice. After it prints hit the back button and refresh it*** Also, there are now e-coupons that can be loaded directly to your Kroger card (,, and

2. What is my favorite grocery store?Due to the fact that our options are limited here I chose Kroger! Wal-mart is sometimes difficult about accepting Internet printables and Kroger is usually great about my coupons! Kroger changes their add every Wednesday. I usually just view their ad online and make my list that way. Now, several of the blogs I mentioned go through the Kroger ad and match the sales with coupons. This takes a little getting used to to understand the lingo, but keep at it, and soon it will be easy to understand!

3. The secret to the CHEAP deals...The secret is buying the things you regularly use while they are on sale. Also, I have gotten to the point where I'm not so brand loyal to things...for example, laundry detergent..I buy what is on sale and I have a coupon to match with it. However, I still must have my Crest toothpaste :) I do shop a little differently now. I try to plan my menu before shopping and I plan it around the sales that week. Also, when i have something I use a lot I stock up on it with the coupons I have.4. How do I stay organized?I actually use a 10x10 scrapbook album that I have labeled and then I sort everything and stick it in the pockets....I do pull the coupons I plan to use before going to the store, but I bring my binder just in case I find a good deal. I use to be embarrassed until I started saving crazy money and then I got over it!

These are just a few points to get you started...there will be more to come. I'd love to have suggestions from you on what you want to learn more about and any questions you have!


  1. (This is Amanda) Jeffrey wants me to get a binder to put coupons in and take to the store. I just find that difficult to do since I usually have BOTH kids with me while I do my shopping. If he really wants me to I guess he'll have to keep the kids while I go!

  2. Hey Amber! Can you say more about HOW you organize things in your binder? That always seems to be my downfall!

  3. The biggest blessing we as military people have is the use of the commisarry. You wouldn't believe some of the price differences we get. I buy Fruity Pebbles for $1.50 a box...Kedrick can't live with out his 12 am snack...then if I find a Post coupon for a dollar off of two boxes, I am in HOG HEAVEN!!!!! My other big save is on Pampers. At the commisarry or the Navy Exchange, I get a pack of Pampers(Huggies) for the low low price of 7.99 a pkg for 36. It might just be a 1.50-2 dollars at the most, but a penny save is my extra money for DISNEYLAND!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing Amber, I used to be embarassed too, but quickly got over it as well.


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