Friday, October 23, 2009

Mommy Moments - POPCORN!

This picture was taken last Friday night. Let me set the scene for you. Chris was at a corn maze with the kids at church and I was home with Jack TRYING to study for a ladies Bible lesson I was giving the next day. I thought that popcorn and a movie might keep Jack entertained while I studied. Well, as usual nothing is ever easy with my sweet Jack and this is the mess that was created in an attempt to help mommy make some popcorn the old fashion way. I LOVE making popcorn fresh in a pot NOT in the microwave. It is one of those small pleasures that is actually much more cost effective than buying the popcorn in microwave bags!! This was a complete accident and you should have seen the sad look in his little eyes when he realized what he had done...after some tears of embarrassment I loaded him in the car and we went to the Dollar store to buy some of that popcorn in a bag...I then swung by the Red Box for a movie that he hadn't seen a million times. In the end we were both happy as Jack sat on the coach with a tub of popcorn and I studied my Bible lesson. Sometimes the plan changes unexpectedly and we just have to adjust.....if only I could be that accepting of all change.

Don't you love this popcorn tub! It was my fun find at the Dollar Tree last week! I bought two for family movie nights!!


  1. Amber, You are such a positive person who really sees the beauty of life that is right there in your own home. You are so lucky to be able to stay home with your little boy. As a stay at home mom I can actually say that I truly was able to watch my babies grow up and because I stayed home with them they want me in their lives now sharing their happiness of their family with me. I could have worked and gave them so much other things that they never was able to have but I gave them the most important thing that they could ever ask for, a Mother's love for her babies!!!

  2. You help me see the positives in my own Emma! Thank you for reminding me of how wonderful it all can be!


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