Saturday, May 22, 2010

Once again...a new hobby!

Okay, okay...yes, I like to change hobbies and interest frequently! I think it is the fact that I LOVE to learn something new. I guess that is why I loved teaching so much. I love the process of learning and applying what you've learned. Now, as far as life lessons, I don't always view them so positively hehe!
Here she new interest...cake decorating! I signed up to take a Wilton cake decorating class at a party supply store here in town! It was great not to have to travel to "the big city" to do something like this! The above cake was my very first to make...yes I baked cakes before, but I made the icing on this cake myself!! I then smoothed the icing out to make it pretty...I liked this cake much better in the above picture. Below you will find my after picture.
HAHAHAHA! I'm cracking up as I type this...this was my final product of a baby shower/clown birthday cake. We started making the clowns...which were cute, but at the same time very cheesy for my taste. I added them to my cake and as we progressed through the class session I began running out of icing!! AHHHHH! Therefore, I just decided to practice my flowers and borders in baby shower blue :) I thought this random cake was hilarious, but Jack LOVED it!! He wanted to eat the clowns the moment I walked in the door! Surprise!
This was my final graduation was actually only my second decorating session in class. I was pretty proud of it since i am a newbie! The roses are so hard to make but once I got the flow of it I didn't think they were terrible.

Moral of story is...I am now wanting to try some new techniques and different cakes. Therefore, I am now currently selling lots of my scrapbook paper and accessories to support the new habit :) Anyone interested? LOL
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