Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mommy Moments: The famous Hunting Shirt

Jack learned today that when Mommy is sick you get to wear whatever you want! I've been trying to give him some more independence by encouraging him to dress himself. Now the actual picking out of the clothes I like to give him two of my choices and let him choose. However, we have been soooo sick in this household and I knew we wouldn't be leaving the house so I allowed Jack to pick out his clothes and dress himself. He was so excited...He came around the corner and said, "So, what do you think?" Now, at the time he didn't have the tie on, this was added later of course. It was a precious moment! I loved the sense of pride he had that he had done something all by himself. Plus, it gave him the freedom to wear his favorite hunting shirt that mommy doesn't usually allow in public :) I couldn't help but hug him and tell him how awesome he was and how absolutely proud I was of him. I hadn't thought of taking a picture til the tie was added later...I thought it was the perfect demonstration of how a sick mom feels. Who cares what they look like (messy hair and snotty nose included) when mom is sick the little battles just aren't worth choosing!
Enjoy moms...I know you've had days like this! :)
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