Saturday, January 30, 2010

What snow brings....

I know, I know, it has been a while since I've posted something deeper than coupons! ha! I think of great posts but then I want to do them perfectly and they don't get done at all...I'm going to try to be better at just posting my thoughts more frequently (not that you care LOL) mainly for myself! My blog seems to kind of be a journal for me and my life....

We had close to six inches of snow fall yesterday! That is the most snow I've seen in years!!! Being from Missouri I was use to growing up and having several big snows a year! Chris kept asking me why I was so excited as I ran to the window to see how much more had fallen in the last ten minutes....I didn't know it got me thinking.

Here is what I came up with:

  1. It brought back those giddy feelings of listening to the radio til 11:00 at night to see if school was canceled...which led to my next thought
  2. I had a good friend, Jessica, that lived across the street. I was around 10 years old and we use to play ALL day long outside together....that included snow forts, sledding (which my mom didn't let me do much for fear of injury), snowmen, snow angels, hot chocolate, moms yelling not to come in again unless we were staying in, and most importantly my sister Ashley alongside us....
  3. sister, my best friend.....she is five years younger than me and even though I may have come across as not wanting her with me all the time, I've learned that I loved her place beside me as my little sister, she was a source of comfort, she always made everything FUN....including the snow!! After we came in from a day in the snow together, we got to have a slumber party on those nights that school was canceled the next day. We had two different rooms but we always chose to sleep together (every night, not just school days)......Looking back she really was my best friend even then!
  4. Peace....precious peace...snow is peaceful, comforting, and ever reminding us that there is a God! I like snow because of the peace it brings to our busy world...
  5. Comfort = families spending time together, sharing warm meals, watching movies and having no other place to be but with each other
  6. Family.....My mom is an awesome mom....I'm blessed! She created so many memories that I didn't even appreciate back then like I do now! She was actually a quieter presence in our home...always busy! We never had to ask on snow days if she could make us lunch...we'd open the door and she would have it cocoa was only a mug away....and how did our clothes get dry so fast in between play time???? That's right we never had to ask...she had them in the dryer and ready to go. I don't think I ever told my mom thanks for those things...I'm sure that was OK...because I don't need Jack to tell me thank you, his smile and precious hugs say it all! I can't forget DAD........what was his role you might ask...well, professional 4 wheeler driver pulling a sled, he was awesome at throwing us off! Where Dad is you can always find FUN!
  7. Memories.....through typing this I've learned that looking outside every ten minutes was my own anticipation of creating those very same memories for my family. I want to give Jack that giddy feeling of when snow approaches there is fun and family time to be had....Here's to all those memories you made on such a beautiful snowy weekend! You never know....the next time the weather man predicts snow you may find yourself at your window looking out a little more.


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