Saturday, January 2, 2010

HOT deals at Kohls!!!

Okay had to share these coupon codes I came across on (my new favorite deals blog! Thanks Kristen!)

First of all they have these FABULOUS pillows on clearance for $4.99! Chris and I are in desperate need of new pillows! So, I'll give them a try!

Here is the kicker....drumroll...get them for an additional 20% off with the code EXTRA20 at checkout. You can use TWO codes so combine it with NOCHARGE and get FREE SHIPPING!!! They had some amazing clearance deals going on also, so I got Chris a much needed sweater vest. I paid $16 for 2 pillows and a sweater vest! You can't beat that going to the store! Check out their clearance section and let me know if you snag some good buys!

1 comment:

  1. Ugh and I need a good pillow too! hehe

    I gave you a blog award! Check it out!


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