Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Calling all MOMS!!!

Okay so I informed you when I started this blog that I loved a good project....well I've had a particular project on my mind for several months now. However, I need your help! I need some feedback from moms of all kinds! Moms of babies, moms of teenagers, moms of grown name it! is the question....
If you could gain insight or wisdom from God's word on one particular subject that would make you a better mom, what subject/topic would it be???
For example: Patience, Mommy guilt, Faith
I really need your opinion You can comment on this post, message me on facebook, or email me with your replies...THANKS for you help with this "project".....more info to come! (You can post a comment annonymously if you don't won't me to know your reply :)


  1. how to stop worrying about everything!

  2. patience in times of mommy/child trials, such as sickness or even the simpler thing like teething and tantrums.

  3. Building a positive community to nurture my children and all children


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