Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coupon Organization

Okay so here it is by popular demand.....my coupon book! I use to be very embarrassed to say that I actually had a coupon book, but now I'm proud to show it off! Here is my "system" take what is useful for you and don't worry about what doesn't work for you!I like to clip and sort first...then it is easier to put in my binder. However, don't try to do too much at one time...I've been known to let them sit like this for a few days because I don't have everything clipped. Don't be like me! Clip, sort, file!
I use a 10x10 scrapbook album. I did buy some insert pages because I needed more than came in the book. I tried a photo album in the past but found it was way to easy to tear up with lots of use. I LOVE my new album! The plastic is thick and it isn't too bulky to grab and carry with me to the store!!!

I simply took a permenant marker and drew directly on the plastic. The perfectionist in me did at one time print labels but then I couldn't edit them...and...really, are labels even necessary!? I also LOVE that the coupons are inserted into the album from the top! My photo album allowed the coupons to be entered from the side which meant I was picking up lots of coupons as I shopped.....they almost always fell out the sides of the binder! Ugh!
I do clip all the coupons I think I will need or that I could use if a sale would arise. Some people like to save their inserts and clip as they go through the sale ads...I found this too much! I couldn't deal with all the insterts and sorting through them. I tend to clean my coupons out once a month and take out the expired ones.
There you have it! Isn't she a beauty?! :) I'd love to answer any questions you have.....(if you think it is insane that I carry this into the store with me...you should see my grocery bill :) You would change your mind!)


  1. I'm glad you posted this! I just have a little coupon thing, and it really isn't big enough and it takes me forever to go through my coupons when I'm in the store. Hopefully I'll get around to doing something like this soon!

  2. Have you gone to the site faithfulprovisions.com
    It has lots of ideas for each week about couponing... where do you get all you coupons? Just the Tennessean?

  3. Where do you get so many coupons??? Do tell!!

  4. Hey girls...I have looked at faithfulprovisions and I like her site, I just was addicted to the others before I found hers, and I've found you need to find just a few to follow regularly because you can become consumed by this if you looked at every site!

    I buy to Jackson Sun papers at the Dollar Tree every Sunday...if LOTS of coupons I sometimes buy 3! I print a lot of coupons off the internet! Probably half my coupons come from online. I also sign up for several samples and things so they come in the mail. You will begin to look everywhere for coupons once you become an addict :)

  5. You are cracking me up with the whole "Vanna White" fingers on that last picture! Hahahahaha! O my word! This has given me a great laugh! :)


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