Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dollar General Deals

Okay, so I've learned in my deal seeking attempts that most of your favorite stores have a website that you can sign-up for special deals and coupons! Since I'm limited in my area I have signed up for most everything our small town offers. I like Dollar General and can find some pretty good deals, especially on the clearance rack! I got two bottles of Gilette Shampoo for Chris at $1 each! They were marked down to $2 and I had a $1 off coupon on each one! Anyway, lesson learned ALWAYS bring your coupons in and ALWAYS check the clearance everywhere you go!

Two things I don't like at Dollar General:
  1. They usually only run a sale ad the first full week in a month. (However, with the holidays approaching they seem to be offering them more!)

  2. They do NOT accept internet printed coupons! Ugh!
    I got an email from their savings club saying they are offering a special Internet coupon this weekend only and you can use it with the sale ad that will be good through Sunday. (This coupon I suppose is ok due to it is from their own website) I think with the sale ad, a few coupons, and the special coupon from Dollar General there will be some good bargains to find!

Click for Coupon valid this weekend only!

Come back and share your bargain finds!!!


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